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       Zhejiang Wanli Wutopart Produce Co.,Ltd In the May 2006 operation, three companies based in the Western town bustling industrial area on the 1st road, Wen Yongxiang Taiwan from the highway and freeway interchanges on three export about 5 km, from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is about 200 km from the Ningbo Airport about 150 km, Taizhou Huangyan from the airport about 70 km from the railway station, 15 km planning.

     The company covers 30,000 square meters and a building area (factory) and 13,000 square meters of office. living facilities. Existing enterprises with total assets of 50 million yuan, more than 120 staff. Set up production in 2006, the year a total output value of 10.75 million yuan, sales income of 8.59 million yuan, the main products are : Polyurethane round, rubber round, handling auto parts, elevator wheel, engine high-pressure tubing, automotive chassis control, hydraulic control, Aluminum manufactures automotive air conditioning components, aluminum engine components, motorbikes and other vehicles round of the initiative, Motorcycle parts production and assembly. Major products for automobile manufacturers supporting some products sold abroad.

    The company has sophisticated production equipment, as to the progress of science and technology and promoting higher economic efficiency of the center, allocation of the country's first-class production facilities, the availability of reliable product quality assurance.

    Company emphasis on staff training and technical innovation training, and for the staff to create a good working environment and its intelligence platform enable all people to get its capacity development space. Cherish talent, and talent is up 10,000 of the company a foothold, warmly welcomed throughout insight joining the Company, together legislation to create 10,000 companies bright future!